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Loading boxes of food into a van to deliver to those in need.

We are bringing you the financial help that you need.

GBiz provides CO-OP SPONSORSHIP DOLLARS, contributing up to 50% of your Association's, Community Leagues, Clubs, and other Non-Profit Organizations' financial cost to get your name and message out on any printed items, garments, online services, digital services, and offline exposure.

Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, it's what makes us successful in helping you.

If your Non-Profit Organization or Association outreach and name exposure have been affected by the current economy you are not alone.

You can do what others are doing to get the additional help that you need
, simply contact us today.

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Sponsorship for the new ways of reaching your base: 

E-mailing, Facebook, Website Developement, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Internet Marketing Services that reaches lots of Millennials and Millions of active social media enthusiasts.   We have Sponsorship Dollars to help with some of that cost. 

Sponsorship for the traditional ways of reaching your base: 

Newsletters and Appeals via U.S. Mail are needed to reach your older and financially established support base. 

Sponsorship for creative graphic design: 
Many non-profit organizations do not have a marketing department or staff with marketing expertise, graphic design skills, or the expensive graphic software to create eye-catching presentations.

Sponsorship Dollars


Our Sponsors will provide financial support to help your organization reach out to your donors, and to promote your services.  Based on your need, our sponsors have agreed to pay up to 50% of your cost for Social Media exposure, Printing of anything, and the purchase of other tangible items with the organization's name on it.  Plus up to 100% of the cost for Graphic Design and Content Creation to continue your outreach to your donors via promotional items, and digital services.

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