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Refer A Non-profit below

Earn Up to $50 for Each Non-Profit You Refer.

Without a GBiz Banner.

We will contact them and give you $50 if we sponsor them.

You can receive credit for referring a non-profit organization to us for a potential sponsorship, even if you don't use a GBiz Banner. Just follow these simple steps to make sure you get credit for your referral:

You have to be enrolled with GBiz as a Referral Partner to get credit for the referral you provide below. 

Click here to learn more about becoming a Referral Partner. 

3 simple steps: 

  1. Enroll as a GBiz Referral Partner.

  2. Provide the Non-profit information below.

  3. We will contact the Non-profit

If we are able to sponsor their cause, you will be compensated for your referral, per the GBiz Referral Partner Agreement.

Provide the following about the non-profit organization you are referring GBiz to contact.

Required fields below are  indicated with an (*)

Check the relevant boxes below so we can understand the level of your referral
If other, check below
Introduction to the Non-profit referral 
Can we use your name as the referral?

You will be notified to confirm that your referral has been received.

Talk to a live person for assistance, Call: 469-5475262

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