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Know your Givers and
you will find more Donors.

With traditional Data Mining that only provides the status of a person. When pulling 10,000 addresse & email Data point, it will cost you $.35 ea. which totals $3,500.00 before your marketing and advertising costs.

Unlike Data Mining, analyzeDATA provides the contact information that fits your segmented audience of people that are likely to Give, Donate, and Volunteer based on lifestyle and buying habits.  Additionally you only pay a one-time fee of $2,500.00 to pull unlimited data points for 12 months.

You also receive access to our Intelligent Segmentation Data Dictionary where you can choose relevant categories most likely to fit your potential audience.

Data Mining is A Shotgun Blast

analyzeData is A Bulls Eye

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analyzeDATA is a robust on-demand tool that is built from analyzing behavior and data

These variables of data allow you to pinpoint your ideal contributor, donor, volunteer, or any other target audience.
With better information about sociometrics, demographics, lifestyles, and behaviors, there is know limit on how you
can help your organization do more when you have
the best data.


Know your Audience, and
see exponential results.

Your personalized analyzeDATA results are ready to be used for Targeted Email, Direct Mail and other Campaigns.

How does it work?
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Upload Data
We drag and drop a spreadsheet with your data into the AnalyzeDATA segmentation tool. It automatically validates, standardizes,  and enriches the data before beginning
advanced data analyses.


Generate Report.png

 Generate Report
In just minutes, AnalyzeDATA provides a
rich set of marketing insight, including
unique characteristics about your givers.
You can compare your givers to specific
data sets
, such as givers across the country
or in a specific area, state, city or zip code.

Compare & Segment.png

Compare & Segment
AnalyzeDATA scores and segments 
your audience so you can find prospects, launch your fundraiser, find gaps in your data, and reconnect with your audience, based on their personal interest, characteristics, and buying habits.


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Segmentation Data

Can Be Used In 3 Different Ways

1. When you have a list of current donor names and addresses to analyze, we zero in on people with similar behaviors based on our Segmentation list.

2. When you don't have a list to analyze, we reverse the process by entering your business category to generate the types of people most likely to donate by using our Segmentation categories.

3. We identify what your current donors have in common and use those similarities to re-target them with relevant opportunities that will enhance your exposure, and accommodate the things that are important and valuable to them.

Segmentation Dictionary

Attend the Theater

Be a Christian Family

Be a Single Parent

be an Avid Collector

Be an Avid Music Fan

Be an Avid Reader

Be Interested in Auto Repair

Be Interested in Boating

Be Interested in Cell Phones and Telecommunication

Be Interested in Collectables

Be Interested in Computers

Be Interested in Consumer Electronics

Be Interested in Cooking

Be Interested in Diet and Weight Loss

Be Interested In Exercise

Be Interested in Games

Be Interested in Gardening and Home Improvement

Be Interested in Home decorating

Be Interested in Home Improvement

Be Interested in investing

Be Interested in Motorcycles

Be interested in Movies and Music

Be Interested in Online Education

Be Interested in Reading

Be Interested in SCUBA Diving

Be Interested in Self Improvement

Be Interested in Shooting and Firearms

Be Interested in Technology

Be Interested in Video Games

Be Career-Focused

Buy Antiques

Buy Audio Books

Buy Auto Parts

Buy Books

Buy Baby Care Items

Buy Children’s General Merchandise

Buy Children’s Apparel 

Buy Collectibles

Buy cosmetics

Buy DVD Videos

Buy Educational Toys

Buy From Membership Clubs

Buy Gardening Supplies

Buy Heath and Beauty Items

Buy Items Via Mail

Buy Infant’s Apparel

Buy Jewelry

Buy Luggage

Buy Magazines

Buy Men’s Apparel

Buy Men’s Big Tall Apparel

Buy Pet Supplies

Buy Perfect Sized Women’s Apparel

Buy Photo and Video Items

Buy Plus Sized Women’s Apparel

Buy Religious Books and Items

Buy School Supplies

Buy Value Priced Items

Buy Women's Apparel

Buy Young Men’s Apparel 

Buy Young Women's Apparel

Buy Craft Items

Collect Antiques

Collect Art

Collect Arts and Crafts

Collect Coins 

Collect Military Items and Memorabilia

Collect Movies

Collect Music

Collect Sports Items

Collect Wine

Collect Stamps

Cook Gourmet Foods

Cook at Home

Cook Organic and Natural Foods

Do Aerobics

Donate to a Charity by Mail

Donate to Animal Welfare Causes

Donate to Children’s Causes

Donate to Community Causes

Donate to Environmental Causes

Donate to Health and Wellness Causes

Donate to Other Charities

Donate to the Arts

Donate to Religious Causes

Donate to Veteran's Causes

Donate to Wildlife Causes

Donate to International Aid-Organizations

Enjoy Aviation

Enjoy Camping and Outdoors

Enjoy Crafts and handiwork

Enjoy Gardening

Enjoy Home Decorating and Plants

Enjoy Home

Enjoy Photography

Enjoy Woodworking

Fish for Sport

Gamble at a Casino

Have a Bank Credit card

Have a Credit Card in the Household

Have a Recent Credit Card

Have a Cat

Have a Culture/Arts Lifestyle

Have a Discover Card 

Have a DIY Hobby

Have a DIY Lifestyle

Have a Dog

Have a Gas Card

Have a Gas Credit Card 

Have a Horse

Have a Interest in Parenting

Have a Mastercard 

Have a Music Player

Have a Pet (Other)

Have a Premium Credit Card 

Have a Premium Gas Card 

Have a Premium Master card 

Have a Premium visa Card

Have a Professional Woman in the Household

Have a Veteran in the Household

Have a Visa Card

Have a Young Adult in the Household

Have a Fitness Health or Medicine Interest

Have a Highbrow Lifestyle

Have a High Tech Lifestyle

Have a Hobby Collection

Have a Home/Garden Lifestyle

Have a Home Improvement Hobby

Have a Home

Have a Satellite Dish

Have a Stereo

Have a Professional Lifestyle

Have a Sports Hobby

Have a Sports Lifestyle

Have a Sports or Leisure Interest

Have an African-American Professional in the Household

Have an Outdoor Interest

Have an American Express Card
Have an American Express Premium Card

Have an Interest in parenting
Have an Interest in the Arts

Have an Office in the Home

Have an Older Adult in the Household

Have an Upscale Department Store Card

Have an Upscale Lifestyle

Have High Household Income

Have High Net Worth

Have Cable Television

Have Children’s Interests

Have Grandchildren

Have Foreign Investments


Have High End Appliances

Hunt for Sport

Invest in the Stock Market 

Invest In Real Estate


Jog for Exercise

Listen to Audio Books

Manage Personal Investments

Make a Charitable Contribution

Make a Political Contribution

Own A Home

Participate in Sweepstakes

Play a Musical Instrument

Play Golf

Play Tennis

Play Video Games

Premium Card

Own Investment Properties

Seek Money for Investing

Sew Knit or Crochet

Shop for Home and Garden items

Single Parent


Smoke Cigars Pipes or Other Tobacco

States Travel in the United

Support Charitable Causes

Support Conservative Political Causes

Support Liberal Political Causes

Read about Science and Space

Read Books about Current Affairs

Read History and Military Books

Read Magazines

Read Religious and Inspirational Books

Read Science Fiction Books

Respond to Offers Via Mail


Travel for Fun

Travel in the United States

Travel Internationally

Take a Pleasure Cruise

Use a Computer for Entertainment

Use a Computer for Gaming

Use a Credit Card for Purchases

Use a Home Office for Work

View their Career as Important

View Mail and Respond to Offers

Walk For Exercise

Watch Auto Racing

Watch Baseball

Watch Basketball 

Watch Football

Watch Hockey


Watch Soccer

Watch Television Sports

Watch TV and Movies


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