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Earn Up to $50 for Each Non-Profit You Refer!
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Enroll and Help a Nonprofit

Support a great cause and earn money effortlessly!  Simply add our banner to your Social Media Page.

Join Now! Click 

Display a GBiz Banner, and direct non-profit organizations to GBiz's website.  GBiz offers Sponsorship Dollars to non-profits in need.

When a non-profit clicks on the banner, you have the opportunity to get paid and make a meaningful impact!  Share on ANY Social Media Platform, Website, or Blog.

Our referral program offers up to $50 for each qualified lead generated from your referrals. 
Start making a difference and earning today!


At GBiz, we  believe giving is Good BIZness.  We partner with charitable-minded people who seek  to support Non-Profits via Sponsor Dollar Donations to help raise awareness for good causes.

Our Sponsors provides up to 50% of the cost for a wide variety of promotional needs.



  • $0.20 per Sponsorship Assistance Form:
    Earn $0.20 for every successful completion of the Sponsorship Assistance Form referred through your unique Referral link.

  • $0.50 per Upload Invoice/Quote Form:
    Earn $0.50 for each successfully submitted Invoice/Quote Form uploaded requesting Sponsorship, facilitated by your Referral link.

After Sponsorship Approval:


  • Earn $25 when we provide Sponsorship to a non-profit that you referred.

  • Unlock $50 for each new successful Sponsorship when you bring in your 5th referral that receives Sponsorship, and per each new referral that is sponsored thereafter. 

We equip you for success with:

  • High conversion rates

  • Monthly newsletters for updates on effective promotion strategies.

  • Appealing banners and text links. 

  • Professional referral manager support

  • Step-by-step guidance on earning money from helping a non-profit organization.

Our referral program offers a custom dashboard for 24/7 monitoring of your referral activity and submitted forms. 


Click the link below to join. You can use your Instagram or any other social media URL if you do not have a website while filling out the application.

(If you lack a Social Media presence, we can create one for you).

Make money helping others! 


Join Now! Click 

Questions?  Contact us at   

We look forward to assisting your non-profit referral.

To see the Sponsorship Assistance Form...

To see the Upload an Invoice or Quote Form...

Notify us quicker for Sponsorship questions you may have . 

Simply provide your name, emailand question or comment.

We will respond accordingly.

For more answers on our services click on:  We Can  Sponsor

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