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Do You Qualify?
Details on the process & requirements of receiving a sponsorship

    Any event, project, campaign, outreach, or promotion that does not promote hate, racism, danger,
    or harm to others, will qualify for Sponsorship Dollars.

    Any items or internet services that provides an opportunity to promote your organization. 
    If it is such that the item or service to be sponsored is suitable for imprint or social media we will
    provide Sponsorship Dollars.  Gbiz exposure IS NOT required to receive Sponsorship Dollars. 


    Depending on the items or services you are requesting Sponsorship Dollars for we will need to receive
    your request in our office via our online form, fax, or by phone in some cases two weeks prior to the actual
    date of the event, project, campaign, outreach, or promotion.  In most cases you will receive Sponsorship approval within 48 to 72 hours.


    We must have a quote or invoice from a 3rd party business/vendor for each item you want to be sponsored. 
    For your convenience, you can...
    Fax: your past invoice or quote to 469-560-1044
    Email: your past invoice or quote to  
    Call us: to provide details about your past invoice or quote @ 469-640-1158  

    Upload:  your past invoice or quote



  • The minimum combined cost of your items must be at least $400 in which our maximum Sponsorship
    Dollar amount to you would be $200 and at the minimum $80.00.

  • We retain the option to procure the items we are sponsoring.  It is important that we retain this
    procurement option so that we can make sure that our Sponsors' contributions are purchasing the
    items and services that are requested, and those items and services maintain the highest possible
    standard of quality and excellence for you.


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