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The cost of living is getting higher, and the amount of charitable giving to a good cause is getting lower.


Those who do give want to know that their contributions are getting to the cause intended, and when in doubt, givers lose confidence in the good of giving.

GBiz brings assurance and confidence to the giver that their giving is reaching the cause, and making a difference.


Our group of sponsors' are giving to Associations, Community Leagues, Clubs, Churches, Social Outreach,
and other Nonprofit Organizations who are looking for financial help to promote their vision and cause. 
If you qualify, we will Sponsor up to 50% of the cost for your:

  • Printing on any flat item

  • Logo garments

  • Team uniforms

  • Promotional products

  • Digital advertising

  • On-line services

  • Off-line exposure

for any event, project, campaign, outreach, or any promotion that does not promote hate, racism, danger, or harm to others should apply.

Unlike other traditional contributions, our givers do not request nor require name recognition or their name exposure on your product to receive their help.


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If you DO HAVE a past invoice or new quote you would like to submit for Sponsorship Dollars...

If you DO NOT HAVE a past invoice or quote and you would like assistance with obtaining one to
submit for Sponsorship Dollars...

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Notify us quicker for Sponsorship questions you may have . 

Simply provide your name, emailand question or comment.

We will respond accordingly.

For more answers on our services click on:  We Can  Sponsor

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