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Our Sponsors think of Sponsorship Dollars as Advertising Dollars for you to tell others about your need for volunteers, support, contributions, and/or partnership to achieve your cause, therefore the amount of Sponsorship Dollars allocated to your non-profit is based on the perceived value of the exposure it brings to your Association, Community League, Club, Social Outreach, Church, or any Non-Profit  Organization. 

Prior to receiving Sponsorship Dollars many recipients wonder what dictates the amount of help they will receive.  Our Sponsors are evaluating and gauging the amount of dollars to contribute based on the following:


The larger the Quantity you are reaching, the larger the Sponsorship. 
A Sponsor will often pay the additional cost to increase the quantity of your items to meet the need.  

The higher the Quality of the item, the higher the Sponsorship.

Quality generally cost more to purchase and our Sponsors take pride in upgrading the quality of an item.

Recognizing that those that volunteer, including your outreach, and those you support still deserves the best.

The greater the Market you are targeting, the greater the Sponsorship.
When you are aggressively reaching out to tell others about your cause, often our Sponsors will contribute
more to help you reach a larger market, to gain more exposing about your non-profit services.  


The more the Longevity of exposure, the more the Sponsorship.

Our Sponsors understand that people need to be informed and reminded of the benefits of your non-profit
and how important your services are to those you serve.  We have committed Sponsors who will partner
with your cause and provide continuous sponsorship over and over again.


Our Sponsors consider the above values when offering to Sponsor 20% to 50% of your cost. 

Upon Sponsorship, we procure the items that are being sponsored, to ensure that the Sponsor's contribution including any Upgrades, Quantity increase, Quality enhancements, Market exposure, and Longevity of contributions are purchasing the items and services requested, and those same items and services maintained the highest possible standard of quality and excellence that the Sponsor desires for you.

Gbiz or Sponsors exposure ARE NOT requested Nor required to receive Sponsorship.  

If you DO HAVE a past invoice or new quote you would like to submit for Sponsorship Dollars...

If you DO NOT HAVE a past invoice or quote and you would like assistance with obtaining one to
submit for Sponsorship Dollars...


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