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Earn Up to $50 for Each Non-Profit You Refer!
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Enroll and Help a Nonprofit

Help a good cause, and get paid for it.  No Work!  Simply add our banner to your Social Media Page.

Our banner will direct non-profit organizations to GBiz website and you will get paid for it.
GBiz is giving Sponsorship Dollars to Organizations that need financial help. Our group of Sponsors are giving to Associations, Community Leagues, Clubs, Churches, Social Outreach, and other Nonprofit Organizations. It’s much easier to give money, then to ask for money.

When a Non-Profit organization clicks on the banner you have the opportunity to get paid and make a meaningful impact when helping a good cause.  You can refer through your Facebook, Instagram, website, blog, any social media channels, and word of mouth.

In return, we’ve developed a very Attractive Referral Program providing you up to $50 for each qualified referral lead generated from you.


GBiz believes giving is Good BIZness. We have business owners who are looking for Non-Profits that they can support through Sponsor Dollars Donations to help promote and further their cause.

Our Sponsors will give up to 50% of the cost for their printing of items, logo garments, online promotions, digital services, online & off line exposure for any event, project, campaign, outreach, event, or any promotion that does not promote hate, racism, danger, or harm to others, will qualify.



Prior to Sponsorship Approval; Just for completing the form receive:.

  • $0.20 per Sponsorship Assistance Form:
    Earn $0.20 for every successful completion of the Sponsorship Assistance Form looking for an Invoice/Quote to be Sponsored referred through your unique Referral link.

  • $0.50 per Upload Invoice/Quote Form:
    Earn $0.50 for each successfully submitted Invoice/Quote Form requesting Sponsorship facilitated by your Referral link.


After Sponsorship Approval:


  • Earn $25.00 for every successful sponsorship facilitated through your referral efforts.

  • Unlock $50 for each new successful sponsorship when you bring in your 5th referral that receives Sponsorship, and per each new referral Sponsorship thereafter. 

We provide the tools and support you need to succeed:

  • High Conversion Rate

  • Monthly newsletters to inform you about new ways to promote.

  • We will provide you with Attractive Banners and Text links

  • Professional Referral manager to answer any questions or concerns

  • Step by Step support on how to make money from helping a non-profit organization.

When you join the GBiz Referral Program, you will have access to a variety of creatives to give your promotions a boost, such as banners and text links that you can utilize at your convenience.

Our Referral program provides you with a custom dashboard to monitor your Referring activity and forms submitted 24/7.  Learn more by clicking the below link to join our Referral program. You can use your Instagram URL or any other social media URL if you do not have a website while filling out the application. 
If you do not have a Social Media, we can create one for you.

For once you don’t have to sell to make money. 


To Join Now! Click 

If you have questions about our program, please feel free to contact us at:   

We would love to work with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

To see the Sponsorship Assistance Form...

To see the Upload an Invoice or Quote Form...

Notify us quicker for Sponsorship questions you may have . 

Simply provide your name, emailand question or comment.

We will respond accordingly.

For more answers on our services click on:  We Can  Sponsor

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