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Dear James Bolin,


Based on your future need and outreach to your base, our sponsors have agreed to provide Continuous Sponsorship Dollars to Adult & Teen Challenge Mid-America; hereafter called (ATCMA).

Below are the Sponsorship details:

Gbiz Commitment to this Continuous Sponsorship Agreement.

  1. Sponsor commits to pay 100% of the graphic design, proof changes, camera ready layout for commercial printing.

  2. Turn-key production from Graphics, to Print-House, to Mail-House, to the delivery of products to USPO.

  3. ATCMA can substitute other outreach materials for printing and receive the same sponsorship you select below.

  4. Gospelbiz must procure items to receive sponsorship to ensure upgrades, quantity, quality, and delivery.

  5. Sponsor’s bank draft portion above will be secured 30 days in advance to ensure that funds are available.

  6. ATCMA’s bank draft portion above will be secured 30 days in advance to ensure that funds are available.

  7. ATCMA can end this Sponsorship Agreement at any time with a 90-day notice sent to

  8. ATCMA can skip a Gbiz scheduled bank draft from Sponsor, and ATCMA with a 30 days in advance of the scheduled draft, this skip request is required to be sent to

  9. If the advance notice by ATCMA is not received 30 days in advance of the draft, both scheduled drafts will be completed, and if not used, it will be applied to the end of the sponsorship printing balance to be used at the end of this agreement.


To secure your Continuous Sponsorship Contribution this agreement must be signed below by Wednesday, September 18, 2020.


In Good Standing Sponsorship Options:

Please check one of the boxes below for future financial contributions to ATCMA moving forward.

Your Sponsorship Dollars are approved providing that this form is signed below and submitted by 11:59pm on

Wednesday, September, 18, 2020.                                                                      


Your portion can be paid by Credit Card or eCheck/Bank Debit Card and will be drafted per the checked box above on the 1st (30 days in advance of production) from the same account below.

The first auto draft will commence on May 1, 2023 - thirty days in advance of the preceding publication month, to prepare for the graphics, editing, and printing of the next newsletter delivery and thereafter per the checked box above.


Draft approved by: *

If at any time during this agreement, your sponsor experiences economic instability Gbiz will guarantee 
 sponsorship dollars in the interim until we find you a new sponsor.

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