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Through the years we've tried to help many organizations in many different ways, and have found out overtime what items and services gives us the ability to provide assurance to our sponsors that their contributions are Verifiable, Track-able, and Used for the cause intended.

For the recipient from time to time we are able to encourage the sponsor to pay the difference for higher Quality, larger Varieties, and increase the Quantity of the product or service being sponsored.

The concept of our success is that we assist organizations that want financial help when promoting their cause.  They always have a partner in GBiz working in their behalf for a one time contribution or continuous support for years to come. 


We have organizations that we have been providing Sponsorship Dollars to since 2009, because we have committed sponsors that appreciate our ability to eliminate the opportunity for abuse and misuse of their contributions.

From experience we have learned what does work within our framework of success, and below you will find a list of what we Can-Do to support your non-profit organization. 

The following you will find a list of what we Can-Do to help your organization. 

  1. The term, items products or services are referencing things that promotes your organization.

  2. We Can assist with Sponsorship when the dollar value of your quote/invoice is more than $500.

  3. We Can assist with Sponsorship when you combine quotes/invoices to total more than $500.

  4. We Can consider providing Sponsorship for any item that is not under contract.

  5. We Can consider providing Sponsorship for any item prior to purchase.

  6. We Can consider Sponsorship for items that are perishable with your logo on the wrapping.

  7. We Can consider Sponsorship for many items other than, Airline Tickets, Travel, and Hotel stay.

  8. We Can consider Sponsorship for Radio or TV Broadcasting.

  9. We Can Sponsor from 20% to 50% of the cost of your quote/invoice.

  10. We Can consider up to 100% Sponsorship on graphics design and creative layout work.

  11. We Can consider, however rare for Sponsoring UPS, FedEx, USPS or any other freight charges.

  12. We Can Sponsor items that are not financed.

  13. We Can sponsor any items that are not sold by your members, staff, or family.

  14. We Can only consider sponsorship for items that are provided by a 3rd party.

  15. We Can Sponsor items that are purchased for the purpose of resell by your organization.


Upon Sponsorship, we retain the option to procure the items that are being sponsored. This option is one of the ways we assure to your Sponsor that their contributions are purchasing the items and services requested, and those items and services maintained the highest possible standard of quality and excellence for you.


At the end of the process, we show proof that everyone's efforts makes Giving Good Bizness.

Gbiz or Sponsors exposure
ARE NOT requested Nor required to receive Sponsorship. 

Si ustedTENER una pasto yonvoice o nueva cotización que le gustaría enviar parar Dólares de patrocinio...

Si ustedNO TENER una factura o cotización anterior y desea ayuda para obtener Uno para
enviar para obtener dólares de patrocinio...

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